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Tank Lining & Coating Services

With over 75 years of expertise in tank linings, SAH Industrial Services, Inc is the company you can rely on for specialized tank lining services. The leader in coating ISO tank containers and OTR trailers for chemical and food grade services, we provide the right lining, on time, every time.

Gartner’s specialties include highly corrosive services like hydrochloric acid and spent sulfuric acid as well as many other process streams. If you need a high-quality customized liner coated for your dedicated service, we can provide it.

Ensuring the Right Coating, Every Time

SAH Industrial works closely with the owners and manufacturers of coatings like Chemline 784-32 and Plasite 3070 to ensure the coating is the correct, best choice for your service. We ask all our clients to send in SDS sheets as well as process information, and we submit this to manufacturers such as, Carboline, Advanced Polymers,  Akzo Nobel, and Advanced FRP for lining recommendations. This ensures that you are getting the correct liner and application parameters as required by the manufacture to protect your investment.

SAH Industrial employees follow strict OSHA guidelines for confined space. We can provide all our customers with assurance we will deliver a high quality lining done safely.

One-Stop Shop: ISO Tank Lining Services & More

ISO tanks are our specialty, and we have specialized equipment for moving and handling without causing damage to the equipment. We have lined ISO tanks and OTRs with many specialty products like Sakaphen Si14E, Hersite P-403L, Plasite 3070, and Chemline 784/32 and 31.

SAH Industrial reduces down time with its specialized heating and handling equipment. Gartner also has the capabilities to be the one stop shop on ISO containers with the manpower to disassemble and assemble the tanks back with leak testing capabilities. We can also offer 2.5 year and 5 year tests on all ISO tank equipment.

Custom Liners with Specialty Coating

SAH Industrial works with smaller manufacturers to customize a liner for your service. We walk you through the process and end with a specialty coating just for your dedicated service.

Metalizing Services for Vessel Linings

SAH Industrial coatings also offers metalizing services for lining of equipment. We have a full range of equipment and expertise on lining vessels with aluminum, zinc, 316L stainless steel, Inconel 625, and multiple other hard wires to improve the efficiency of your process vessel or distillation column.

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