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Sandblasting, or abrasive blasting, is a process that involves forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against an object’s surface. Sandblasting is used to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface depending on the object.

Sandblasting is often used as a part of the finishing process, removing materials from the object to prep its surface for coating. But what are the benefits of sandblasting certain objects or products before putting on the finishing everything off with powder coating? Here are some of the advantages of using sandblasting services for your business:

  1. Sandblasting cleans the surface. One of the reasons why sandblasting is an important part of the finishing process isn’t just because it smooths the surface of the object. It cleans the surface, too. Sandblasting services are a great way to remove rust, oil, and harmful contaminants from almost any kind of surface.
  2. Sandblasting is surprisingly fast. Sandblasting cleans and smooths objects for finishing quickly and efficiently. This makes cleaning tough surfaces like metal easier, which saves on time and money.
  3. Sandblasting services remove old paint. When an object has old paint covering it, sandblasting can quickly remove the paint at a high speed. This prepares the object for a new coating of paint with a fresh and smooth result.

Can I try to sandblast on my own?

It’s incredibly dangerous to attempt sandblasting on your own. During the sandblasting process, a person is exposed to life-threatening toxic silica. The proper safety precautions need be taken to prevent toxic silica exposure.

Exposure to toxic silica can also cause injuries and lung disease if sandblasting isn’t done correctly. Never attempt to sandblast on your own.

A professional and experienced sandblasting service has the proper equipment to safely sandblast the objects or products you need. Sandblasting services have everything they need to get the job done right without putting anyone at risk of injury, lung disease, or toxic silica poisoning.

Where can I find sandblasting services near me?

Coatings have two primary functions for your products: protection and decoration. Sandblasting can help to ready your objects or products for finished powder coatings.

Whether you’re looking to professional powder coating services, liquid powder coating services, or sandblasting services, SAH Industrial Services, Inc. is the place for you. To learn more about our different coatings and finishes, contact Professional Finishing today.

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